Conference organizers are free to choose the tools they like to do the job.

However, tools matter and the medium is part of the message. The adoption of proprietary tools and a platform that has censored academics does send a message, but a wrong one.

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This year the conference is arranged virtually on Zoom (webinar version) and Slack. Zoom will provide the main method of communication, and Slack will add asynchronous messaging, for example if participants want to reach out and discuss more with the presenters during a break. In the Zoom webinar version, presenters will be visible and audible normally to everyone and participants’ audio/video is off. During Q&A or panel discussions, participants can have audio enabled to engage with the presenters. Since our conference is a single track event, the entire conference occurs in the same webinar room.

@dimitrisk bUt iTs fAmIlIaR yoU'rE beInG eLitIsT

@dimitrisk Btw LibrePlanet 2021 had a cute little 8bit arcade-game-like space for us all to wonder around in as people, cats, or catpeople! With builtin in-browser videoconferencing!

That bit of fun often seems to be missing...

@dimitrisk Wow, zoom and slack. Open Source is heading a strange direction.